CED Coating Plants

We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of CED Coating Plants and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Cathodic Electro-deposition ( CED ) is Water Based primer coating & mostly used in automotive paint shop. In this process, charged particles from the paint emulsion move to Cathode under electrical forces. The direct current established through the `bath makes the pigment and resin base of the paint attract towards the component surfaces. It can be done by
• Combination of dip and spray
• Batch Type ( Dip Tanks )
• Continuous Conveyorised
Reach of paint at every corner of component having intrinsic shape. Un-deposited material is rinsed. Ultra-filtrate ( UF ) equipment’s are used for ED paint ingredients separation of those not forming film and recovery of Paints. Deposited film after baking becomes hard.

CED Painting has following Mentioned Process

  • Fully automatic operation requires less human efforts, film thickness can be controlled.
  • Uniform coating
  • Better coverage in interior / complex surfaces & sharp corners
  • There is no Runs, Sags or Solvent boils
  • Better corrosion resistance, & @ 100 % utilization of paint therefore cost effective
  • As coating is done using aqueous process which has less risk of fire in comparison to solvent coatings, Better in anti-pollution, safety, health hazards.
  • The surface salt spray resistance lasts for more than 1200 hours