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Requirement *
1. Pretreatment Plant

A.Spray Pretreatment OR B.Dip Pretreatment
2. Powder Coating Plant
3. Painting Plant
4. Automated Transporter System
5. Pressurization Zone
6. Special Purpose Oven
7. Varnish Plant
8. Other
Component Details *:  
Type of component
  Length Width Height Thickness Material of components Weight Productivity

Note: All dimensions should be one unit (mm/meter/Ft)

Note: If any photos available of component please attach

Painting Plant:*:
Painting Process:
Primer Coat Base Coat Top Coat
Paint Baking Schedule (EMT & Minutes) : Flash Off Zone Time (in minutes) :
Painting Booth*:
1. Side draft water wall booth
2. Dry type booth
3. Down draft water wall booth
Heat Source/ Fuel:
LPG PNG Electrical HSD
Proposed Plant Space Details:
Location :